Taxi Medallion Transfers
Chicago Taxi Medallion Transfers Attorney

Chicago Taxi Medallion Transfers AttorneyThe Garofalo Law Group is one of the few law firms in Chicago with experience in the highly specialized and underserved area of taxi medallion transfer. Most of our practice in this area focuses on the purchase of taxi medallions. We handle every phase of the process for you: investigating and resolving outstanding parking tickets or other fines associated with the medallion; accurately completing and filing the necessary reams of paperwork; navigating the bureaucratic approval process; and closing the sale. We also provide legal counsel and services in a wide range of related areas that are important to taxi drivers, owners and medallion investors, including:

    • Medallion sales
    • Financing


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  • Ownership disputes
  • Traffic and parking tickets
  • Accidents
  • Estate planning

Given that a taxi medallion is currently valued at roughly $350,000, your medallion (or medallions) likely constitutes a sizable portion of your estate. Our extensive experience in estate planning, asset protection, probate and estate administration, together with our knowledge of taxi medallion transfer, makes us uniquely qualified to design and implement your estate plan if taxi medallions are part of your overall estate.

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