Professional Licensing
Chicago Professional License Attorney

Chicago Professional License AttorneyThe risk of losing, or never receiving, a professional license is a threat that can jeopardize a career and the ability to earn a livelihood. Any action against your license needs to be met with vigorous defense from a lawyer who is familiar with the process and can provide experienced representation.

For professionals in Chicago and throughout Illinois, Garofalo Law Group provides professional license defense. From obtaining licenses and registrations, to counseling clients on their best options and providing defense for investigations and disciplinary actions, our attorneys are committed to the success of our clients. We can provide the personal attention and individualized service that you deserve for such important legal matters.


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Our attorneys represent lawyers, doctors, dentists, real estate agents, cosmetologists and all other licensed professionals. This representation includes:

  • Obtaining both state and federal licenses and registrations
  • Counseling clients to avoid problems with licenses and registrations in the future
  • Negotiating nondisciplinary outcomes and minimizing the consequences
  • Representing clients at all stages of state or federal investigations and disciplinary actions
  • Educating professionals and auditing professional practices to help them understand applicable laws and regulations

The sooner that our attorneys can get involved in the license defense process, the more options that are available to save your license and minimize or eliminate other consequences. Talk with us as soon as possible, so you do not leave your livelihood and your career up to chance.