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Your vacation checklist is missing something…

Your vacation checklist is missing something…

For those more fortunate than others, summertime is when people treat themselves to a vacation. Whether it be a tropical setting or European adventure, most of us have a checklist of items to bring along or of things to accomplish prior to leaving home. However, what countless people omit to include on their list is the completion of estate planning. While the argument is often made that such documentation is pointless, I implore you to think otherwise.

American journalist, Earl Wilson once said that “a vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” And because your mind should be at ease during a trip away from the daily regimen you call life, you should at least complete a power of attorney for healthcare, property and a will. Though you have probably said something in passing akin to “oh honey, the kids would never live with your parents or my brother,” without something legally binding, your families could struggle to know your wishes. Accordingly, the absence of estate planning on your part could cause your family members to engage in a nasty legal battle resulting in unnecessary attorneys’ fees that may come out of your estate.

Trust me, I know you have many things to accomplish prior to your vacation, which you view as far more important. …


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