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Did your landlord steal your security deposit?

Most Chicagoans have rented an apartment or condo at some point and blindly paid whatever security deposit the landlord demanded. After paying the security deposit, the money is forgotten until it is time to move out and move into a new place.

When moving out, because you want to receive your entire security deposit back, you take time to perform a thorough cleaning and ensure that the place is flawless. In fact, after your wild cleaning is complete, you realize that you are leaving your rental in a cleaner condition than when you rented it.  After cleaning, you drop off the keys… and then you wait.  You wait for the check in the mail that you absolutely believe should be delivered to you representing the full amount that you paid. A week or more passes and the check arrives in the mail. You rip it open and are stunned when your eyes read and then re-read the amount. The landlord deducted hundreds of dollars from your security deposit and enclosed a self-serving note that alleges the deductions were for damage you caused to the rental. You have been cheated!  Not only did take great care of the rental, you left it spotless. Even more infuriating, you always paid your rent on time and you never harassed your landlord to fix the broken dishwasher, even though he promised he would a …


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